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The Sexual Self 

(who we are as sexual women post ostomy) 


Learn the Art of Repairing YOUR Broken Self with G.O.L.D.


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I teach female ostomates to reclaim their body, mind and sexuality, using proven tools to heal past their pain and step into their personal power.


Hi, I am Dr. Suzie!


I provide four distinct things:


Through my Kintsu Method I will guide ostomates to develop a loving and healthy relationship with their body and mind...


This happens through a mix of:


  1. Step-by-step strategies

  2. Therapeutic interventions

  3. Psycho-therapeutic exercises

  4. Emotional and practical support




My mental health rapidly declined after ostomy surgery. It felt like I had no quality of life. The surgery happened so fast and I underestimated the affect on my mental health. If I would have known .. I am so grateful for Dr. Le Brocq for her knowledge and support through my journey. Bill

Who I work with?



I work with female ostomates and their families.


Through my ground-breaking Kintsu Method I guide clients through the process of collecting their broken pieces (the pieces that make them whole), and patching themselves back together...


while adding something to the mix that makes them UNBREAKABLE for the future


"The Kintsu Method” makes the most of what already is, highlights the beauty of what we do have, flaws and all, rather than leaving us eternally grasping for more, different, other or better.

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Like so many others out there I felt like this was the end of my life, but with time I learned it would be the beginning of a new one. 


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Look no further - on the blog I share realizations from hours of work with clients, and my own personal breakthroughs...

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